The Faith-Faltering Film Of Martin Scorsese

This article is from 2017 but reading it periodically helps me keep my bearings straight as a Christian writer.  Martin Scorsese's critically praised passion project Silence - which tells the story of 17th-century  Portuguese missionaries to Japan who experience the atrocities of a brutal governmental pogrom against Christianity - has largely received silence from the movie-going public, [...]

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A Response To “Why Christian Movies Are So Terrible”

In the "Hollywood Film and Faith" Facebook group, a recent article was shared - "Why Christians Movies Are So Terrible" (click here) - which kicked up some dust-bunnies. I went to write a paragraph or two, but the preacher or writer in me (can't decide which was being bad) couldn't stop there. Here's my [...]

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Rest In Peace President Bush

I hadn’t intended on watching TV for most of the morning, but then saw as I was looking for a weather forecast that President George H.W. Bush’s funeral was being broadcast. Two-and-half hours later, I still don’t know how much rain is going to fall today. But my soul is enriched and my sense of [...]

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Mulling Over Robert Frost At 10,000 Feet

Last week on a hike of "Mount Baldy", a 10,000 foot mountain in So-Cal near our home, I passed a group of college students going the other direction who were discussing Robert Frost’s famous poem “The Road Not Taken”. I overheard one of them saying, “Yeah, my teacher said that the poem isn’t what most [...]

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Be A Fool For Christ, Not A Moron

Iread in the paper this morning about a pastor not too far from here who was arrested for standing up at a movie theater and preaching to the crowd while the credits rolled at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Apparently, it’s something this man does as part of his “ministry”, and in defending himself [...]

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