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The Hike Up Franconia Ridge – Part 2

Each October while living in New England I would find a 'postcard day' and drive 5 hours to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to hike. One of my favorites was the Franconia Ridge just north of Lincoln (pictured here as seen from Sugar Hill.)  Just when I thought I couldn’t hike another step, I [...]

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Now Where’d I Put That Momentum?

Momentum is a funny thing. Once you catch it, it can be like a long wave you can ride on. Once you lose it, it can take forever to find it again. This is true of the fitness of our bodies or our churches or our habits. The key? To keep at it, and don't [...]

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Fear The Silver Platter

I can’t speak for you, but I don’t want everything handed to me in life. When it’s all given to me, with little or no effort on my part, then I am diminished. Something within me dies. This is the great utopian error of modern day political liberalism. That we can create a society where [...]

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Good Grief – Reflections On Saying Goodbye

For those of you with kids off to college, or just moving away, or for anyone saying goodbyes of one form or another, the following is a journal entry I wrote the day after we put Hannah on a plane for New Zealand when she moved there for a year back in 2011. I've shared [...]

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Headline: ‘Lochte Drops Speedo!’

Er, a...I meant to say, Speedo Drops Lochte. My bad. But that was one of the headlines yesterday. As the Olympics have wrapped up, this was one of the sadder moments from the past couple of weeks. But even sadder - either headline would have been believable. And it's all because of something called character.  The Bible speaks of [...]

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