The Church Is A Battalion

A recent Barna study showed that nearly half of all Millennial Christians think that evangelism isn’t proper for a follower of Christ to practice. Click here.

It’s a bothersome finding, especially when you consider that our Lord was rather fond of the idea that his people “make disciples” and “fish for men” and “not hide their light under baskets” and “acknowledge him before people”. These activities point to a fourth metaphor the Bible uses to describe the Church. That of a “battalion”.

Actually, Scripture doesn’t specifically identify the Church with such a label. But the shoe fits because the Bible is filled with military references to faith. “Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus,” Paul wrote Timothy (2 Tim.2:3). Christians are to be vigilant to armor up (Ephesians 6:10-17). David said of God, more



Tinker: The Movie

A Sparrow Could Fall

The Artist’s Corner: Faith Without Art Is Dead – Part 3

Here’s a third reason why faith without art is dead.

Creating art helps us capture the fullness of human experience. 

Is it any wonder that after telling us in Genesis 1 that we were made in the image of a creative God, the Bible shows us in Genesis 2 Adam composing the very first poem? And it’s a love poem at that. Which is appropriate for this is the first wedding.

God presents Eve to Adam, he gives her away, and Adam is so overcome with emotion that he sticks out his hand and says, “Hi, I’m Adam.” No! He cries out, “This is now bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” A poem! Why a poem? Because poetry helps communicate the full depth of emotion that he is feeling.

For centuries, artists were the real movers andread more

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