Last night as the tide began to turn in Donald Trump’s favor, the London Telegraph reported that Google searches for “end of the world” began to spike around the globe. True. (I also heard that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were filling out their emigration paperwork. Maybe the culture can be lifted after all, by this election. OK, I made that last one up.)

The world is not going to end just yet, but it certainly changed overnight as Americans resoundingly delivered the keys of American government into the hands of the Republican Party, with Donald “Samson” Trump at the wheel, to the shock of the polls and pundits. Not since 1980 when Ronald Reagan swept into power have we seen such a stunning, unexpected outcome to an election.

What happened? Just look at a map. Beachheads of blue pinned to the west coast and New England with a few scattered islands in between, while everything else is red as a tomato. Pull up a House of Representatives map and the contrast is even more astonishing. The Elites hiding in their blue enclaves, lobbing tweets to their comrades on the other coast, forgot about the 3,000 miles in between, filled up with fed up Deplorables. That’s what happened.

And the Deplorables wanted change – here, now, today. Of all the statistics that the experts are poring over today to figure this one out – it’s the white male vote, it’s the Comey effect, it’s the media soft on Trump (gag me – I subscribe to the Washington Post internet edition and not since the peasants stormed Frankenstein’s castle with torches and pitchforks have I seen such a parade of vitriol) – of all the statistics , the one that stands out to me is how of all those who wanted change, more than 80% cast their vote for Trump.

With Hillary, you’d get more of the same. An economy sputtering on life-support with millions no longer looking for meaningful work, and millions more resigned to accepting government help. An incoherent immigration philosophy (built by Left and Right) exposing the nation to increasing weakness and danger. A steady and intentional weakening of our military power, all the while looking the other way while Iranian and Russian power reasserts itself, like Sauron in Mordor. A refusal to name the source of 99% of the world’s terrorism. The conversion of the nation’s court system into a Leftist dream-machine. A systematic, noxious repression of religious liberty and undermining of the Christian value system. A relentless promotion of sexual deviancy. No abortion left behind. (All the while touting that we’re for “stronger families”.) Debt, debt and more debt. Regulations upon regulations as the behemoth of government grows unchecked. “Affordable” health care. And clamping down on the greatest threat to humankind – global warming.

On the other hand, with Trump, you get the possibility, the chance, the opportunity of changing all this. Nothing is certain with the Donald. Unlike Reagan, he comes to power with a largely undefined core of beliefs. He seems a late convert to Republicanism. One wonders if this newly formed center of conviction within him will hold, or as he pursues the art of the deal, will he quickly chameleon his way out of those beliefs.

Unlike Reagan, Trump is a fascinating communicator, but not a great communicator. The on-the-stump-Trump is a wonder to behold as he draws and dazzles crowds of thousands with his populist personality. But oh-my, how his tongue or Twitter account can get him into trouble. And how he managed to stay out of his own way these past ten days while Hillary’s world self-destructed is a minor miracle. And his victory speech last night was a revelation. But watching him is like being at the tail-end of a Jenga game. Everybody holds their breath when he opens his mouth.

But again I say, with Hillary – no chance. With Trump, the chance. That’s all you need to know to understand this election. And why a deplorable evangelical – weighing all of these things in the balance – would be willing to overlook the man’s more unseemly habits and say, “What have I got to lose? Let’s give it a shot.”


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