“I believe in God the Father Almighty…”

The Apostle’s Creed next describes God as “Almighty”. So is God some sort of cosmic Superman, or a heavenly Dwayne Johnson? Not quite. Three words that come to mind when I consider how God is “Almighty” are:

Omniscience. Anything that is capable of being known is already in the mind of God. He knew all about calculus in the days when our ancestors were still counting with their hands and feet. He knows the future as well, for he is the great “I am”. The future is contained within his very being. “Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely, O Lord,” says the writer of Psalm 139. And God knows all about us. There is nothing we can hide from him, so we shouldn’t even try.

Omnipresence. God is present everywhere. “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?” asks the same writer in the same psalm. I never realized this so acutely as when I took my first plane flight years ago. There I was at 32,000 feet, eating a gristled piece of leather advertised as ‘choice filet of beef’, and feeling quite lonely as I peered out the window. 32,000 feet is a long way down. But in that moment, as I prayed, I sensed God whispering, “Shhh. I’m here. I’m with you. The clouds are the dust of my feet.” And I was comforted (though the meaty thing didn’t taste any better.) God’s omnipresence should matter to us.

Omnipotence. God is all-powerful. It’s helpful to remember this truth, especially in a world such as ours where there is so much that can rock our world. A few months back, Southern California experienced an “earthquake swarm”, and suddenly everyone was talking about ‘earthquake kits’ around here. That’s a new one to this Iowa boy. I traded in tornado sirens for earthquake kits. Oh well. I worship the one who tells me he is my “refuge and strength” therefore I shouldn’t fear “though the earth give way” (Psalm 46). I’ll shore up my kit – then place my trust in him.