How many times have you seen it in a movie? One of the characters dies, and goes to heaven. Quick – how is heaven usually depicted by Hollywood? It’s white, cloudy, with a mess of angels running around, listening to organ music – bad organ music. Despite all the angels, heaven is a lonely place. The character shuffles around, not knowing anyone or anything.

I remember being really depressed by the story of The Littlest Angel. The little guy gets to heaven and nobody takes him underwing (pun intended). All the adult angels run around shaking their self-absorbed heads, muttering, “Tsk, tsk,” as the little fella gets into trouble. He’s pretty much on his own.

You may remember the end of the story where he gives to Jesus a wooden chest that he had while on earth. Inside the chest are beautiful butterflies, flowers and rocks – none of which is to be found in heaven!

Subconsciously, I was led to believe that earth was a much more beautiful place than heaven. There’s more to do here, you’re with your family and friends, and best of all you don’t have to go around wearing little blue pajamas with little footsies all day long.

When Christians confess that they believe in God the Father Almighty, the maker of Heaven…they are speaking one of the most uplifting, ennobling and awe-inspiring parts of our faith. Whatever heaven will be, it will take the best parts of life on earth and multiply it by a thousand. Heaven will fill you with such joy, that nothing on earth – not hot apple pie in October or the most dazzling full-flowered day in spring – will be able to compare with it.

And lonely? Tsk, tsk – you who think it. You’ll be with family and friends, loving and being loved, and no sin and selfishness to ruin the moment, and no goodbyes to ever be said again. Best of all, you’ll be face-to-face with a Savior who died that you might be able to enter this amazing place. All things will become new and from then on out, the dwelling place of God will be with us.

To which I say: bring it on!

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