From the joining of sperm and egg to the last breath we draw, the Christmas story teaches us of the God-given sacredness of life.

Because God became human we know that “earthly” things matter to God. Such as the culture we create. This study looks at culture, especially our engagement with the arts.

Because the eternal God entered into time, time has extraordinary value. This teaching explores how time is a gift, a trust, comes in seasons and is a bridge to eternity.

This teaching explores three reasons why the Bible is the most powerful, life-changing book ever written.

Though prayer is almost a human instinct, few know how to do it well. Looking to Jesus’ example and teaching gives us some encouragement on how we can draw closer to God through prayer.

The Bible seems like a closed book to many. But with a bit of prayer, a teachable heart, and following the 4-step roadmap described in this teaching, it can come alive for you.

More than 2,000 times in Scripture we are told that God speaks. Is it possible to hear God’s voice today? This study looks at ways to prepare our hearts to hears from God.

Prophecy. No other religion or sacred book has it. But Christianity is filled with it – a powerful sign of its truthfulness. And none is greater than Isaiah 53.

This message on Maundy Thursday 2016 explores seven specific prophecies of Jesus sufferings written of in Isaiah 53:7-9. Written – mind you – 700 years before Jesus was born.

700 years before Jesus was born, Isaiah not only saw the specific details of how Jesus would suffer and die, but he also saw why this would happen to him. In Isaiah 53:4-6, he describes what God showed him.

How do we know when God is asking us to do something that others might say is reckless? In this teaching, Bear announces to Grace that he is stepping down from ministry to move to California. And how God has led him to make that decision.

Pastor Bear’s last sermon to Grace, based on Philippians 4.