Goodness, I hate it when I’m right.

In a recent blogpost explaining evangelical support for Donald Trump I said, “That a large percentage of evangelicals would favor Trump is not difficult at all to explain, when you look at how a massive cultural assault on religious values and religious liberty has been relentlessly waged by progressive voices on the Left. Trump promised to reverse that.” (Click here to see the post.)

And here we go. Yet another breath-taking example of the audacity of extreme progressives to silence conservatives and Christians: California is fast-tracking through its assembly Bill 2943 which subsumes under its “Consumer Legal Remedies Act” what it calls “sexual orientation change efforts”.

What that means in a nutshell is that any attempt to encourage a person struggling with same-sex attraction or transgender leanings to consider heterosexuality as a healthier, safer option would be illegal! Any attempt! Which includes conversation, counseling, seminars, sermons, even books (and so my devotional Train Yourself To Be Godly would suddenly become as illegal as a Bible in China.)

Christians have been slammed in recent years for their “the sky is falling” alarmism. I’ve received my share of it for past blogs, here and here and here. But we truly are in a critical juncture as a culture when simple free speech about what constitutes normative sexual behavior is considered too dangerous to allow.

So think this through with me. There is yet no scientific consensus whatsoever about what leads to a person’s sexual orientation. Just a rash of theories that range the gamut of nature and nurture.

Add this to the mix. There is not even a consensus within the LGBT community about what a person’s sexual orientation even means. In fact there is a blatant contradiction between the arguments that were advanced just a couple of years ago by proponents of gay marriage (who claimed homosexuals are born that way) and the arguments being advanced now by the transgender community (who claim that sexuality is all a wide spectrum with no clear landing place, it’s more how a person “identifies” that matters.)

So if the LGBT crowd can’t even get their ideas and vocabulary straight amongst themselves, why in heaven’s name are we even considering passing laws that would outlaw continued dialogue and research?

Obviously, many young people growing up in this climate of sexual madness and confusion are going to entertain all sorts of questions about their own identity and what type of behavior is best suited for their happiness, let alone safety. To say that a counselor or youth pastor or parent or mentor cannot even discuss with that confused teen whether one path is preferable to another is absurd beyond reason.

Especially a path that has been scientifically, philosophically, and spiritually endorsed for thousands of years as the healthiest, happiest, safest option available – one man, one woman, united in marriage, for a lifetime.

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