February 2019

There’s A Mile-Wide Chasm That’s Opened At Grand Canyon University

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This past week, Grand Canyon University, a private Christian university in Phoenix, cancelled an appearance by conservative Ben Shapiro, citing a desire to “bring unity to a community that sits amidst a country that is [...]

January 2019

It’s Just Gotten More Dangerous To Be An Unborn Child In New York

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Every generation and culture has its ‘great’ sins which threaten to erode it from within. A good case can be made that the three great sins of our age are racism, the radical assault on [...]

A Response To “Why Christian Movies Are So Terrible”

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In the "Hollywood Film and Faith" Facebook group, a recent article was shared - "Why Christians Movies Are So Terrible" (click here) - which kicked up some dust-bunnies. I went to write a paragraph [...]

December 2018

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