Merry Christmas From Dalarna

The following is an excerpt from my new book “Sparrow” which will be released on the Kindle publishing platform on New Years Day. The story is about a small country church that rallies around an African American family which has been targeted by a white supremacist group. The following scene describes the children’s Christmas program [...]

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10 Traits Of Successful Riters (Spelling Izn’t One Of Them)

“The Art of War For Writers” by James Scott Bell is one of the best books for writers I’ve come across. It’s filled with more than 70 short readings that cover everything from soup to nuts about the writing life. Bell’s second entry is this: The writer must understand the essentials of success for a [...]

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Anatomy of a Chariot Wreck: Comparing the ’59 ‘Ben-Hur’ with the ’16

It’s stunning to believe that in less than two weekend’s time Ben-Hur has become a byword for flop, failure, studio-breaker. This proud legendary story that gave the world a perennial best-seller, a Broadway sensation and two epic movies that shaped film-making in their respective generations – has become a laughingstock in ours. How did this [...]

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What I’ve Learned From Moving (So Far)

It was a little more than a month ago that I announced to my church that Janis and I were moving to California to pursue a daughter, writing and adventures unseen. Two days ago our house officially went on the market, and the showings have begun. With a month under our belts, I can now [...]

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