If Jesus only came to die for us, he could have done that over a weekend. But he stayed for three years. Why? To teach us. This study examines why Jesus’ teaching was so critical for his listeners – and for us. (At Grace Haven Church, Irvine, California on February 10, 2019)

Many speak of the “attitude of gratitude”, but thanksgiving is not just something we feel, but also a habit that we can learn and practice. This teaching from Pastor Bear Clifton shows us how and why to cultivate the discipline of gratitude.(At First Baptist Church, Blythe, CA – November 18, 2018)

“Show Me The Money” – The Bible doesn’t promise wealth to anyone, but it does promise financial freedom. Here are 4 rock-solid principles for managing our “treasure” that will set us on a better financial footing. (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on September 30, 2018)

“The Talent Show” – Jesus’ parable of the talents from Matthew 25 comes with both encouragement and a warning. If you’re sitting on your “talents” and not using them to grow God’s goodness on the earth, it might be wise to recalibrate your priorities. (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on September 23, 2018)

“No Time To Lose” – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on September 2, 2018) How do we use time well? Scripture teaches us to see time as a gift, and as a trust, and also to remember that it comes in seasons. If you want to “redeem time”, this teaching will inspire you.

“All This And Heaven Too” – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on August 26, 2018) Without the hope of eternity, our earthly lives become meaningless and hopeless. This teaching explains why believing in the next life is so essential for doing well in this life.

“Unleashing – 5 Reasons To Serve” – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on August 19, 2018) Jesus didn’t save us to become a bump on a pew. He saved us to serve. He blessed us to be a blessing. Here are 5 reasons why each Christian should be unleashed in the doing of good.

“Every Day Is Christmas!” – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on August 12, 2018) Every follower of Christ is to be unleashed for service and ministry. But how do I learn where I should serve? This teaching gives a helpful roadmap to follow.

“Oh Just Grow Up!” – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on July 22, 2018) Biblical illiteracy plagues culture – and the Church – today. This study provides a 3-step roadmap for how followers of Christ can grow in their knowledge of Christ and his Word.

“The Importance Of Teaching” – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on July 15, 2018) Teaching is an indispensable part of the Christian faith modeled by Christ. This study looks at three reasons why every child of God needs to learn, then live out, the teaching of Christ.

How To Have Beautiful Feet – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on July 8, 2018) This study from the book of Acts looks at how the early Christians shared their faith with the lost culture around them.

Lost And Found – (At Cornerstone Church, Los Banos, CA on July 1, 2018) Here are 5 areas we need to look at differently if we’re going to love the lost like Jesus. 

When God Plays Hide & Seek With You – Part 1 (At University Baptist Church in Long Beach, CA on February 4, 2018)

When God Plays Hide & Seek With You – Part 2 (At University Baptist Church in Long Beach, CA on February 4, 2018)

When God Plays Hide & Seek With You – Part 3 (At University Baptist Church in Long Beach, CA on February 4, 2018)

Listening to God is not easy but it’s possible if you begin your journey here.

The thoughts in our head are all over the place. Here’s the way you can find out if some of those thoughts are from God or not.

If you want to hear God’s voice, then reading the Bible regularly is key. Because ordinarily it’s the actual words in the Bible that God will use to speak to you.

Can God speak beyond the words of Scripture. Of course! But here are two things you ought to do to make sure you’re on the right track.

Madness on parade all around us today. Yet the story of Easter shows us that God still has our backs, because he is in full control.

The word ‘father’ means many things – both good and bad – in today’s world. So what does God wants us to know about him when he invites us to call him by that word?

Calling God “Father” might be difficult if you grew up without one, or an abusive one. This Spark might help you move forward in your faith.

Can a person really be a “friend” to God? Moses was called God’s friend. This Spark looks a what set him apart.

Bear, as a white, middle-class pastor, considers his blindspots when it comes to race.

This “Spark” by Bear Clifton explores God’s dream for racial reconciliation as shared in Scripture. blclifton.com

The power of ‘doctrine’ to impact life for good or evil is on vivid display in the world today. This “Spark” from December 2015 urges us to get over our political correctness and examine the doctrines that people hold.

Many Christians treat prayer like magic – say the right words and they are granted what they want. The example of Hannah shows us though that prayer is not magical, but deeply relational. Which is where its power resides.

I had to laugh when a famous TV host claimed that Christians who talk to God are mentally ill. Here’s my response.